PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills – Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter – 3-Pack Price: $48.95 (as of 07/05/2021 04:13 PST- Details)

UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Crystal cat litter absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste to remove odors; covered trap locks away solid waste and odor so you never have to touch or see smelly waste
LESS MESS: Low-tracking crystals don’t stick to your cat’s feet and are 99% dust-free
LEAK PROTECTION: Plastic tray lining creates a powerful extra barrier to help protect against leakage

Colour:Premium Blue Crystals

Product Description

Pre-stuffed with Top class blue crystal cat Clutter, the disposable PetSafe ScoopFree Top class Blue Crystal Cat Clutter Tray works with PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleansing Cat Clutter Bins. Simply load the tray within the cat Clutter Field for weeks and not using a scooping, Cleansing or refilling! The crystal Clutter absorbs urine and dries cast waste temporarily to take away odors. With the totally disposable tray and lined waste lure, you by no means see or contact stinky waste! Each and every few weeks merely change the cat Clutter tray and your ScoopFree Self-Cleansing Cat Clutter Field is rather like new. Every tray weighs handiest 6.5 kilos (together with 4.5 kilos of Clutter). Plastic tray lining creates a formidable further barrier to assist offer protection to towards leakage.


Included within the Box

  • 3 Top class Blue Crystal Cat Clutter Bags
  • 3 Cat Clutter Trays with Lids


Product Dimensions

  • Cat Clutter Tray: 22 in. L x 14.5 in. W x 2.5 in. H
  • Cat Clutter Tray Weight: 6.5 lb.


Frequently Requested Questions

Q: Can my kitten use the ScoopFree Field?

A: For kittens not up to 6 months vintage, go away the Clutter Field unplugged and scoop waste till they&aposre over 6 months.


Q: How can I acclimate my cat to the crystal cat Clutter?

A: Most cats will simply adapt to the ScoopFree Self-Cleansing Clutter Field, however a few cats might want an adjustment length to get acclimated. Listed below are a few useful guidelines:

  1. Place the brand new ScoopFree Clutter Field subsequent on your cat&aposs present Clutter Field, permitting her to have get admission to to each Bins for no less than per week.
  2. Add a couple of handfuls of your cat&aposs vintage, unused Clutter to the brand new crystal Clutter tray. You&aposll additionally upload one of the crucial crystal Clutter to their present Field.
  3. Stop Cleansing your cat&aposs vintage Clutter Field, permitting it to stay grimy. Cats want a blank Clutter Field, so this will likely assist in making the brand new ScoopFree Clutter Field extra interesting.
  4. Once your cat has transitioned to the ScoopFree Field, get rid of her vintage Field.


Q: How can I am getting probably the most use out of my ScoopFree crystal cat Clutter?

A: There are a couple of how one can maximize the lifetime of your ScoopFree crystal cat Clutter:

  1. Place the ScoopFree Clutter Field clear of spaces of prime humidity, comparable to bogs, showers, and basements. For the reason that crystal Clutter controls smell through soaking up moisture, having further moisture within the air will shorten the lifetime of the tray. Check out putting it in a room with transferring air to drag away moisture, like a room with a fan.
  2. If your cat constantly urinates in the similar spot, Check out stirring the crystals on occasion to assist distribute saturated crystals.
  3. Cats with diets which are prime in crude fiber and ash content material will produce extra cast waste, which is able to upfront fill the waste lure. Imagine converting your cat&aposs vitamin to a meals and not using a byproducts or fillers.

Brand Story

By ScoopFree

UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Crystal cat Clutter absorbs urine and dehydrates cast waste to take away odors; lined lure locks away cast waste and smell so that you by no means have to the touch or see stinky waste
LESS MESS: Low-monitoring crystals don’t persist with your cat’s ft and are ninety nine% mud-loose
LEAK PROTECTION: Plastic tray lining creates a formidable further barrier to assist offer protection to towards leakage
EASY, CONVENIENT CLEANUP: No scooping required; merely get rid of the disposable Clutter tray and throw it away
PRODUCT SUPPORT: PetSafe logo&aposs U.S.-primarily based Purchaser Care professionals can be happy to assist; name Monday thru Saturday at 1-800-845-3274
EXPERIENCE: PetSafe logo has been an trade prime U.S. producer of puppy habits, containment and way of life merchandise because 1991, serving to thousands and thousands of other people and pets Every yr


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