SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post Price: $49.99 (as of 08/05/2021 04:29 PST- Details)

Durable post allows cats to get a full stretch
Made with fibrous, durable sisal that naturally inspires scratching
32 inches high to allow cat to stretch vertically

Measurement:1 level  |  Colour:beige

Product Description

Cats desire a scratching publish that allows you to let them get a whole stretch. The 32-inch publish top permits the cat to stretch vertically whilst the usage of the publish (vital for territorial marking functions and for firming muscle mass). The best fabrics and workmanship ensure the scratching publish will stay sexy and helpful for years

The Final Scratching Post

Encourages the Psychological & Bodily Stimulation of Cats!

Cats desire a scratching publish that allows you to let them get a whole stretch. This publish is 32” top and is designed to maximise your cat’s scratching excitement by way of offering an interesting objective for territorial marking, workout and herbal cat exuberance.

Product Features

  • Durable publish permits cats to get a whole stretch vertically and tone muscle mass.
  • Fibrous woven sisal fiber is very Sturdy and encourages scratching.
  • Attractive and neutrally toned to suit any decor.
  • Sturdy building with sixteen” x sixteen” extensive base reduces tipping and wobbling.
  • Fast and simple meeting attaches the publish to the bottom the usage of the 2 screws incorporated.

5 Purposes Cats Scratch

  • To do away with vintage nail sheaths from the claws
  • To workout and tone muscles
  • To relieve pressure, frustration and boredom
  • To “heat-up” for a lively play session
  • To mark territory

Sturdy publish permits cats to get a whole stretch
Made with fibrous, Sturdy sisal that obviously conjures up scratching
32 inches top to permit cat to stretch vertically
Assembles simply with 2 incorporated screws.Robust base gets rid of tipping and wobbling.There&aposs a base with this product it&aposs wrapped with the colour field.
Fibrous and sturdy woven sisal obviously conjures up scratching


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