Tether Tug Interactive Dog Toy, Outdoor, X-Large

Pull and tug anywhere without the standard strain tug-o-war can cause
Easy Flex technology stretches as the dog pulls, making play more productive and less painful for you
Comes already attached to the Bite Tug Toy

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Introducing the brand new Simple Tug by means of Tether Tug! Simple Tug shall we your canine pull and tug anyplace, with out the consistent shoulder pressure that includes conventional tug toys.

The EasyFlex era stretches as your canine tugs and assists in keeping them enjoying and burning their additional power, with out burning out your arm!

The Simple Tug comes with the connected Chew Tug Toy.

Pull and tug anyplace with out the usual pressure tug-o-struggle can lead to
Simple Flex era stretches because the canine pulls, making play extra efficient and not more painful for you
Comes already connected to the Chew Tug Toy


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