Senior Canine’s Impatient Family Wanted Her Euthanized, Nonetheless Any individual Observed Her Price

On her 11 acre property in Conyers, Georgia, Melissa runs “Old Dog Home.” The senior dog rescue presents persistence, love, and assist to rescue dogs over the age of seven years from the Atlanta area.

Much like people, when dogs age they face new challenges that accompany getting earlier. Nonetheless that doesn’t make them any a lot much less of loving and worthy companions and family members. Sadly, older dogs are typically abandoned because of their people don’t want to determine to their care or simply can’t afford to.

Melissa explains Earlier Canine Residence’s noble and caring mission:

“For the dogs that come to us and will likely be rehabilitated and adopted out, we’re going to take motion. We’ll do each little factor we’ll to supply them a chance at love and a family for his or her last years. For a lot of who’re too earlier or too sick, we’ll be their family. They’ll reside proper right here until it’s their time to go, and when to do go to heaven (positive, all dogs do go to heaven, fight me on this), they’ll do it surrounded by people who love them. That’s my promise to the earlier dogs of Georgia.”

Her Family “Didn’t Want Her Anymore”

Sometime in December, Melissa obtained an urgent cellphone title from a veterinary affiliate. She outlined in a Facebook post:

“There was an individual who had launched in his aged dog to be euthanized because of he didn’t want to keep her anymore. The dog was extraordinarily sweet and gave the impression to be in respectable nicely being. The staff couldn’t bear to euthanize her. Would we please take into consideration taking her?”


On the time, Earlier Canine Residence was pretty full. The rescue had hundreds on its plate, with upcoming surgical procedures and the holidays approaching. Earlier Canine Residence hadn’t deliberate on taking in any further dogs until after the model new yr. The veterinary staff, nonetheless, really pleaded with Melissa, insisting she was a candy dog who deserved an opportunity. She agreed to go meet her.

Upon meeting the senior pup, estimated to be between 10 and 12 years earlier, Melissa found her in pretty ragged state of affairs. She requested the dog’s family why they wanted to have her euthanized. They merely didn’t like her as rather a lot as their completely different dogs and had been bored by her. They didn’t have the persistence to deal with her occasional accidents.

“I don’t like to pick out on children, nevertheless the granddaughter checked out me and shrugged – ‘We merely don’t really like her. We like our completely different dogs increased.’ Within the meantime, the dog stood there wagging and wagging and wagging her tail.”


Melissa couldn’t think about how casually this family handed their dog off. They didn’t appear to know rather a lot about her medical historic previous each, having obtained her from one other individual.

“The individual can’t inform me her age, if she’s spayed, or any else about her. ‘We merely don’t want her anymore.’ We handed him an proprietor hand over kind. They left. I tried to not cry.”

Abandoned Nonetheless Positively Not Unloved

Instantly, Melissa had the dog checked out. She had a minor yeast an an infection (which might have introduced on some accidents) and a few old-age related factors, however in any other case, she gave the impression to be doing simply high quality. The poor issue did appear pretty nervous and confused at her predicament, though.

“I checked on her as soon as extra after her nap. She shakes and shakes and shakes. She’s scared and confused and has no idea what’s occurring. She doesn’t want to stand up and about. She’s been shuffled spherical as soon as extra, like a tacky reward no person wanted inside the first place.”


Correct from the second she acquired right here beneath her care, Melissa was determined to level out the dog she mattered.

“I’ve wrapped her in blankets and held her and snuggled her. She relaxed a bit. She started to snore. I whispered to her and promised her that any additional, she’s going to on a regular basis be appreciated and wanted, it would not matter what. We named her Holly. Merry Christmas, baby girl.”

Holly Proves She Has Additional Love To Give And Life To Dwell

It brings me such pleasure to report this tragic story actually has a joyous ending. Just some months after Melissa saved her from euthanasia, Holly was adopted “by a wonderful veterinarian” and her family. People who knew she was worth it.

“She has two little girls now who fully *adore* her, along with an 11 y/o senior doggie brother. Take a look at these happy faces!! Her family has a farm inside the countryside, and he or she’s already made buddies with the horses, goats, and chickens!”


These large, vibrant smiles say rather a lot. One family didn’t see how specific Holly was, nevertheless her true people did. In any case, Earlier Canine Residence and the veterinarians who noticed her for who she was had been instrumental in saving her life.

“That’s exactly why we do what we do. So that every earlier dog has the likelihood to spend their final years like THIS.”


Though it’s heartbreaking that Holly’s family was so quick to get rid of her, I hope it warms your coronary coronary heart to see how happy her remaining years will in all probability be.

H/T: Johns Creek Post
Featured Image: @OldDogHomeGA/Facebook

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