Soldier Has Been Away For Months – Cat’s Heartwarming Reaction To Seeing Him Says It All

Cats are masters at indifference and independence— or at least that’s the reputation they hold. Unlike a dog, it’s rare to see a cat run up and greet you at the door with uncontrollable joy gushing from every pore. But, it can be argued that some cats do know how to love (or have at least mastered the art of expressing it).

Take Finn, for instance. Finn is a giant, grey-colored ragdoll that proved to the world that cats really do love their owners— and he may be the best at it.

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In this minute-and-a-half-long clip, you see Finn anxiously awaiting the return of his beloved owner who has been away in the military. The kitty is planted smackdown in the middle of the kitchen, meowing loudly at the front door. The woman filming asks him, “Who’s coming?” and the excited kitty immediately bolts up to her, meowing excitedly.

“Did you hear him?” The woman asks, as Finn once again anxiously darts towards the door. “Do you hear him? Who’s home?” By this point, Finn is getting fed up, and the determined kitty rushes towards to door, trying to open it and look for himself.

Source: Video Screenshot

The pair continues to wait until the woman tells Finn, “It’s Daddy, isn’t it? He’s coming!”

Finn glances towards the door, body frozen. The only movement is the slow sway of his tail. After a couple more seconds of suspense, the door flies open and Finn’s owner, dressed in his military uniform, emerges through the door.

Source: Video Screenshot

Finn can barely contain his excitement, meowing vociferously and circling his Dad’s feet. “What’s going on, Buddy?” Finn’s owner asks as the kitty eyes out his stuff. “It’s me!” With that, Finn is immediately in the air, jumping into his Dad’s arms and catching up on all the cuddles he’s been missing!

Source: Video Screenshot

The video, which seems to have been recorded in 2014, has been making its rounds for quite some time. Still though, people just can’t get enough of Finn’s adorable, heartwarming reaction.

“people who say cats don’t have feelings… think again.”


“that cat is adorable”


“that was the puuurfect reaction”

“the cat jumping into his arms did me in :)”


This video is great proof that dogs aren’t the only ones that enjoy our companionship…

In fact, if your cat’s anything like Finn, he (or she) may like it even more!

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